The ultrasound in chiropractic care

In accident clinics a lot of chiropractors these days use the therapeutic ultrasaound for treatments.
If you've been injured in a car accident you will recognize the pleasant feeling and touch of the ultrasound
machine on your back or injured body.

What is ultrasound?

A therapeutic ultrasound is a medical device that uses sound waves at high frequencies to heal damaged
tissue. In chiropractic care the objective of the therapeutic ultrasound is to augment care,
relieve pain and help out healing.


After an assessment by Dr. Exposito, we will identify your problem and prescribe a treatment.
With ultrasound the high-energy waves penetrate down in through your skin, muscles and bones and
create deep tissue heat. This technique causes breaking up toxic waste product accumulation and
reduces the swelling. That will help alleviate your pain and will promote healing. The other aspect
of it is the fact that the sound waves help massage the soft tissues and ligaments in the area,
softening the scar tissue around and making it easier to be manipulated by the doctor.

Medical procedure / treatment

As far as the medical procedure is concerned, it is relatively painless. The patient is usually
laid on the table, then the doctor or therapist plugs in the device and applies a conductive substance
on the affected area. In sessions of 15-20 min. the healthcare practitioner massages the affected area

Chiropractic care

Therapeutic ultrasound is a great tool. It is generally used in conjunction with other chiropractic care
such as cold/hot patches treatments, realigning the spine / spinal adjustments, physical exercises etc.

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