Traction therapy after an auto injury

In the office of a car accident chiropractor many times you will see a piece of equipment that looks like a pulley. It's usually hanging on the door and it's used for cervical traction therapy.

And what is traction therapy?

It is a therapy where the chiropractor gently pulls your vertebrae to release pressure, to decrease pain and to promote healing. There are various types of traction therapy.

After auto accidents many times the patients end up with lower back pain or neck pain. That pain is generally caused by damaged or miss aligned discs.

The discs in a patient's spine provide a cushion so that the vertebrae do not push each other. The same spacing between these bones also allows for different nerves to go to different organs of your body.

After a car accident the patient may end up with bulging or herniated discs. This causes pressure on the nerves hence the pain. Separating the vertebrae promote healing and releases pain. Also the disc will get more nutrients and will begin it's self healing.

There are actually pretty sophisticated pieces of equipment that can be used for mechanical traction including some of these computerized traction tables etc. But the reality is that the doctor can also use his or her own hands to do some of this therapy.

As in other standard chiropractic procedures that follow an injury, you usually get the best benefits when you repeat the procedure according to the treatment plan prescribed by the chiropractor.

There are clear advantages of the traction therapy versus some of the other medical treatments: there is no medication needed, no surgery takes place and recovery is faster.

Any chiropractor near you can help you out with your traction therapy.

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